Saturday, March 30, 2013

Testing testing ( small update) (-:

1st things 1st
There are a few first things. I am carefully typing this post through my phone! This is very exciting! Hello everybody! I'm new to the 2000's! Seriously excited... There is a blogger app and weight watchers app. The weight watchers app will be of more use when I become a monthly member. (I've been paying by week)! So all those things are probably more exciting than they should be!

My next 1st thing (haha) is I finally had my gallbladder removed! The surgery was 11am yesterday the 29th. Everything went well :) and I suppose I'll be recovering for a little. I forgot to weigh- in on Thursday ( since Ww meetings in my area ,at least don't happen on Friday mornings).

I've been sleeping a lot and pre- made myself lots of yummy matzo ball soup beforehand! Btw happy Passover and almost Easter.

Some of my frustrations that keep me from updating are
1. My slow horrible terrible Internet connection in my room

That's about it... Some good news now is this app. The wifi on my phone is way better :/ weird hu? Same wifi different devices. I had my computer " fixed" once and now it's just not the same. That was a while ago! Anywho, I'll be stopping now haha.
So, recovering, sleeping, blogger and Netflix app (another omg wtf thank you) liquids and the unfortunate getting up and sitting down to pee! Tmi? Sorry :p I'm not seeing anyway to add pictures at this very moment!
Back to sleep! These meds are heavy duty! I'm hoping when I look back at what I wrote I wasn't just pressing numbers and symbols!

Last thing!!! I love this!! Found how to add pics! Here are some from the past week ! You know, Passover, dogs, and more Passover :)

Good morning
Wallflower <3

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weigh-In & Birthday things!

This Week = -1.2 lbs 
Current Weight= 266.4 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 53.6 lbs

This week was a loss! YAY
So, there are a few events coming up very soon! Passover will be starting this monday! How exciting ( but not has got to be one of my least favorite jewish holidays..)!
Then later on in the week I'll finally be getting my galbladder surgery out of the way. It's been a long time coming. I'll be glad to have it done and start recovering already.

My birthday was great, I finally got to spend a birthday home with my family! The last four years I've been in College and my birthday is close to finals and all. :P So this year it was a bit different. 
The secret birthday box was opened!

Crunchies! "I'll be having these responsibly.." lol
I wonder how many people have tried these before? Milk chocolate with a honey comb inside!
Thanks :) 
For dinner we all went out to Bonefish Grill
I got the Lily's Chicken
it has artichoke hearts in top aswell as some delicious goat cheese...
I ended up not having all the goat cheese..but from what I tasted it was enough and very good!

Bonefish Grill gifted me a birthday chocolate :) Thanks!
there are strawberries sprinkled on top

I had a great 24th Birthday :)

+ loss this week !


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weigh-in!! Secret Birthday Present!!!?

This Week = +1.0 lbs 
Current Weight= 267.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 52.4 lbs

What  a busy week(s)!!

Alrighty, so this past week was a gain. Do I want to elaborate on my gain? 
Other than the fact that I snacked a lot? Nope! I'm 100% sure that's why I gained!
 It's now almost time for my next weigh-in!!!
Less snacking this week (yes, check!)
I don't have too much to update on  weigh-loss wise.

It's my 24th Birthday today! :) 

Hello Spring !!:)

I've been waiting more than a week to open this secret surprise birthday present!
Thanks to a good friend! :)

I've been using an ancient fossil of a phone for manyyyy years now, my family finally upgraded. I have a phone that I can take video and pictures with :) (big deal? yes! -to me!! :)  yay)  So much more convenient! I was thinking of getting a new camera that would record and be more compact and convenient for everyday. So, instead now I have a phone that can do it all. Hello 2013 goodbye 1990's!

Anyways, this time next week I'll be having my surgery! :) That's the next one!
Then after that..I'll be doing some healing and back to regular :)
Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weigh-In Update & a little REWIND

This Week = +1.0 lbs 
Current Weight= 267.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 52.4 lbs

Alrightyyy. Another gain..+2.8 if I add up the total between these last two weeks. So, that's super awesome fun! I do this with a lot of things. I start doing well and the next thing I know is I'm off track and hardly trying (but maybe more like  tricking myself into believing I'm trying?).
I know what works, when I want to have a good week...
So- Why is it so hard to stick with what works and what I know is good?
It feels like self sabotage!

So, I took it back to the beginning  I think I need a bit of a reminder. I'm glad I've saved all this reading material!
I guess that's what they are here for? 
I'm now finishing another booklet ( weight record books). It feels like I JUST started a new one  few weeks ago. I guess 15 (normally 16 in a booklet but one of the boxes were skipped) went by without me realizing. Maybe it's not the best way to go about thinking? But I looked at my 1st record on the booklet I'm ending now... I'm seeing I lost -9 lbs in this entire book. That's with the ups and downs...Averaging = -0.6 a week.

But looking back now, most of those weigh-ins are - not + weeks!

I'm trying to get my PS2 to ply my workout DVDs... I'm not sure what's up with my PS2 :(. I'll workout with one of those this afternoon.

This is why I Love Spare Change!

My grandma gave me a ton of pennies when I was younger....
of course I kept saving and adding to the pennies..
 This past weekend I decide it's time to see how much my collection adds up to!
Plus the drawer I was storing all my jars and coin purses in was being weighed down it was bending the drawer.. (opps!). D:
Aww! look how sad Lady looks D: lol she is so silly sometimes... 
So, next up was the trip to the bank!
the bag was pretty much all pennies so when I got the total of $61.00 I was surprised as heck!
I'm not trying to brag...but wow I'm SO SURPRISED! Very cool.
I kinda have a new love for change now!
Everyone saving jars and coin purses of small change... go chash that in for a good surprise! :)

The poof I made the last time I was feeling crafty!
Finally a picture...
The place I wanted to hang it initially turned out to be a bit of a challenge, so for now it's over my bed :P
last night: lemon chicken with honey mustard sauce and a flax seed crust!

Some had breadcrumbs and some didn't!
these were thin chicken cuts..
I also added some green onion on top. 

This was the honey mustard I used to lightly coat my chicken with.. It was a mixture of this dressing, flaxseeds, and paprika.

Thanks to some  a couple of my friends, I was told to try the Arnold Palmer Arizona. I 1st tried the awesome ¢99 cans (you can get one at a gas station anywhere)  Oh my :} I loved it! It was very refreshing! 

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Here's to a new better week :)
<3 -Wallflower

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