Thursday, July 28, 2011

7th Weigh In!

1.4 :] Small but proud.It all adds up!
This week I'm -1.4 lbs !
Starting weight: 320 lbs
Current: 294 lbs
Lost: 27lbs

Tonight's meeting was a lot about how most people ,with or without weight issues, think about food. I know for me,  when I'm visiting family in New Jersey WE MEET FOR FOOD. "Let's meet for lunch".. Once we were metting so many people in one day we had one breakfast out,TWO lunches out, AND finally... a

Haha well that's just an example & it's only happened once! haha- I can't justify that day.The point being, food is a social event & there are other things / activities /non activities we could be doing. Just as long as you aren't sitting there thinking about..."what could I be eating right now?"
For me, I love to draw & haven't been drawing as much as I'd like to be *at ALL*. I hate to admit it but throughout this whole summer I've probably picked up a pen/pencil to draw about 3 times.

Tonight was Project Runaway the start of season 9! I seriously can't wait till next weeks episode :]
Who doesn't love Tim?

Oh! Tomorrow is a beach day!!! should be really great & I'm probably going to stay over a friends for a few days.


Good morning! Back on Track

First of all, that was a horrible way to get back on track. <- Yes - established!
I would spend all night with my eyes shut, just hoping to fall asleep. Before I realized, it was morning, daylight was creeping up... THEN i'd start getting sleepy! 
Desperately, yesterday I made the decision not to sleep my afternoon away [despite how tired I may have been]. Bad choices happen.
Some good news: I'm awake this morning! & it's not because I had just stayed up the night before.

I realize the deprivation of sleep I put myself through was not a great idea & am not suggesting it. The way I was sleeping before was far from healthy & kept me from being productive!

Anyways :]
Moonlite Diner

Yesterday, me and my mom met up with a friend for lunch at Moonlite Diner. I ended up getting a really great Panini "Turkey Spinach Panini" with rice on the side. Haha I wasn't in a veggies on the side mood, I also wasn't in the mood to use my points on fries. The sandwich had cranberry mayonaise, swiss cheese. I had never had cranberry mayonaise before, now I know it's mayonaise with cranberry flavor..added by using a jelly. I estimated the points when i got back & it actually wasn't bad at all.

Tonight is another weigh in :]

Good afternoon!

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