Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weigh-in Update & Crafts!

This Week = -.6 lbs 

Current Weight= 268.8 lbs

Start Weight = 320 lbs

Total Lost = -51.2 lbs

How is it that I'm always forgetting how much I love watermelon?! A few people recommended I  eat more watermelon and strawberries since I was having a problem getting enough fiber. I was happy to find out they will be in season sometimes very soon in March - July. :) Awesome!!!
*edit I was recommended to eat watermelon for how much water is in it..not so much the fiber it turns out.

So refreshing!  (Credit: Harsha K R/Flickr)
As for strawberries... they are okay. They are always kinda tart?
This week felt a bit uneventful.. and I just received a piece for my camera that was broken! So now I'll be able to take my own pictures again.

YAY Craft
I've been feeling like I need to do some crafting! You know that urge? " I need to make something with my hands..." kinda feeling.
I forgot to take a picture of the sides before I started... It was just a plain white ceramic  bowl that I've had since I was little... I never especially likes it and was about to throw it away...
But then I decided I should just bedazzle it.... So I cut out pictures from a few magazines and an Illustration from Alice In Wonderland I printed out. I have random print outs just for this reason.
THEN of course there needed to be beads glued to the top!
Sometimes I think I'm addicted to hot glueing...

I didn't really have a place to store my brushes this was the perfect height for them!
Turns out a friend of mine was giving away tons of brushes she never used. Before that I never needed a "place" for brushes. (Back)
My second project - Tissue paper flowers! There were made from coffee filters and colored with watercolors
the coffee filter flowers live here now :}

So a while back I had this same feeling and worked on ^those^ projects ... and I have one more I haven't done yet. I was waiting for some the next time I feel like making something! (now)
I bought tissue paper to make a pom pom for my room.

Seems easy enough! I'll be trying this tonight or this afternoon. :)

Have a great week!

Monday, January 21, 2013

YAY! -50 lbs :) Weigh-In Update!!

This Week = -2.2 lbs 
Current Weight= 269.4 lbs
Start Weight = 320 lbs
Total Lost = -50.6 lbs
YAY!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Hello -50!

It's taken a while to get to this 50 lb. mark but it's finally here. This past week had an interesting twist at the end. It could be a result of weight loss and foods I've eaten in the past. But I'm not going to let this take away from how happy I am about getting to -50 lbs!

Now I'll be dealing with gallstones :{

I was in severe pain the other night, I woke up my parents to take me to the ER.
Turns out I've had gallstones for a while, it just started to come to light the other night! I was taken care of for the night, then went home to get some rest. Before I left the nurse was talking about how I'll be on a Bland Diet till I get the surgery. ( I've looked it up and saw that after the gallbladder is gone, diet will change then also)

The Bland Diet is calling for some very sudden changes in diet...I'll be on the bland diet for at least two weeks. Honestly, I'm  afraid to eat something wrong... it was so panful the other night! So far tonight I've had chicken broth with noodles and carrots. Thankfully I've had time to do more research before grocery shopping this afternoon.

I've found many of the lists of Bland diets & Galbladder diets contradict each other.. or at least there are a lot of items on these diets that get canceled out .
I just got back from the Grocery and found
I was specifically told to drink water (a lot), no eggs, no fatty greasy foods (urmkay!) Less than 3% fat generally, no tomatos, brocoli...raw veggies.

Chicken & Veggie Broths
Pudding (jello brand) & tapioca pudding ( the few puddings w/o egg)
Lean Turkey
Mixed Veggies (for soup and rice..)
Nilla Wafers (ff)
Apple sauce
And Fish..
Of course there are other things...but this will be about it for me from what I was told.
Cheerios and I are going to become besties!

All in all I'm trying not to use the pain meds that were given to cover the pain that I may have up till surgery time! ( in about two weeks or so)

Thankfully none of the gallbladder isues are going to interfere with time at the gym! I got in my usual time in at the gym nd then back at home I was in the mood to keep moving. 
Pictures from this past week!
Breakfast from this past week. Special K's Chocolatey Strawberry Cereal   with some Almond Breeze and a banana. :}

Breakfast from this past week. Two eggs and spinach with reduced fat mozzarella on top.
Giving Vanilla Pudding a shot, now that chocolate (and chocolate flavored anythings) are out for a bit :/
Also trying the reduced fat Nilla Wafers...pretty yummy!
I have no idea who's these are.. I asked everyone in our house! Nobody claimed em' :} So I've been using these for a few months.

Keeping my WW key ring someplace I see it every morning :) Infront of my mirror. It's a great reminder of where I am and where I'd like to be.

Hope everyone had a good week!

Good night!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So close! So excited!!

This Week = -5.2 lbs 
Current Weight= 271.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 48.4lbs
1.6 lb. to go till I hit my lowest and my 50!

Weight Watchers-key rings... 

So, I had no idea people get a key ring for your %10 goal at WW....
I also had no idea there was a key charm for 25 lbs lost! The kay rings came up in the meeting today and I'd realized I hadn't gotten any of those things. Apparently there is another charm for 50 lbs lost, HOPEFULLY I'll be able to add another charm to this key ring next weekend! I the only one who had no idea these existed?

Some pictures from this past week!
My parents went out to lunch one afternoon and decided to bring me back a salad and a  Gyro. The salad is under the Gyro in the picture, it filled up the other side of the takeout box.  This was my first Gyro, and it was really very good!

A recipe I wanted to try from the new 360 booklet! We went to the market, I wrote down what I needed...and never remembered to get the flour :P

YAY! WW Keyring (the keyring = %10 and the Charm= 25 lb. 

Activia has always kinda been my savior!

The Light FF has actually been pretty good :}

This week I tried these Skinny Cow Ice-cream sandwiches, they are  great and low in points.

I keep forgetting... water is my FRIEND! Even though I have to pee more often....
ALL IN ALL, this past week was great, I feel like I'm finally totally back on track. I wasn't feeling %100 in the game. 

Hope everyone had a good week!

Good night!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!!! Update

The things people say suck sometimes, I remembered soemthing someone told me in elementary school...and I guess it kept me from wearing shorts till... now?
I just remember "nameless kid" saying something along the lines of "wow, you are that fat.." and of course he was looking at my knees/legs while saying this. Up till then I had never thought twice about my knees, but I guess they were fat enough to catch his attention?! Soooo that's all it really took for me to be mortified and totally embarrassed about my leggies for what feels like forever!
I'm still not comfortable walking abound outside in these shorts, i actually bought them becauseI don't own a swim suit anymore and have been doing water aerobics with some girls from WW.

The point of taking a picture of my legs was to maybe try and further getting over this "fear", and what better way then to take a picture of them and post them on the internet!

I'd like to thank Target for only having super "short" shorts. I needed shorts recently and found myself thinking about how comfortable (uncomfortable) I am/ have been in my own skin.

So now in 2013, shorts will be part of my wardrobe (shorts that aren't from the mens sports least). Living in Florida.. this is a good thing!

Water Aerobics!
I've done water aerobics in the past, I remember being t my grandmas pool and doing some with her and her friends. This most recent time I went with some girls in my WW class. It was not as low intensity as I remember with my grandma and her buddies. I'm glad this wasn't like how I remembered. It was actually purdy fun! I think I was sweating in the pool? weird feeling.

I wrote this post up several days ago and I have no idea what is taking me so long to post it!
Look who decided to take  rest infront of the house this afternoon :)
   Good news!
Now that my camera charger isn't lost :) :) :) :) :) :) !!!!! I can finally upload the pictures I had on there from before! I was all set to buy a new charger on Ebay and the last thing I do before heading over to the computer was find my camera charger. I KNEW IT! I thought I'd find it after I ordered it though.

Happy 2013 everyone!!

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