Friday, July 1, 2011

3rd week weigh in!

This week at my weigh in I went down 2.6 pounds  totaling 12.6. *& yes I'm counting the .6 haha! I don't know exactly how long it's been since I was out of the 300's  but the idea of being out of them :) THAT would be awesome!
Disney is the ultra happy place & any amount lost feels pretty great!  

Now that I've lost 2 this week I feel like this will be the average from now on & that is just fine :} but I'll admit it was cool to have those numbers the 1st few weeks.

It's been getting a little harder. I hate what I look like now & my mom brought up how I haven't seen any of my friends from home since I've been back. I've been home for 8 weeks. This has been a thing with me for a long time , I'll admit I don't feel like I'm worth hanging out with. To sum it all up my self-esteem is close to none existant.

Today seemed more like a bump in the road.

1.) woke up around 8. :)
2.) made myself some egg whites & whole wheat toast *with mushroom & onion! :)
3.) fed my fish :)
4.) ended up in bed in my gym clothes.

all slumberland & no workout makes wallflower a sad girl

I SLEPT from 10-ish to frink'n.... 4 in the afternoon! wow THAT can't happen again.
& this is after a good night's sleep about 8 hours. 15 hours of sleep no gym,no nothing.

I know I don't have to go to the gym everyday & I don't. I think I'm more dissipated in myself because I ended up sleeping instead & I was planning on going. Self sabotage - not worth it & that is what it felt like- to me at least.



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