Sunday, June 23, 2013

Facing my fears (the scale)

Tonights Dinner! Sushi with Brown Rice

Last week I never weighed in knowing full well it wouldn't be great news. That wasn't the best way to go about trying to fix the problem. I'n the process of not knowing how much I had gained  since last weekend I've been in the dark for two weeks till this weekend! Horray! :(
This mornings breakfast 1 slice of salami and 2 regular eggs

This week I walked into the WW meeting looking to start with a fresh outlook on my weigh-ins. The women weighing me in is a fellow member and sits in on the meetings. Just recently she started helping with the weigh-ins. Anyways, sometimes when you weigh-in, the person that fills in the cards really makes a difference. Sometimes it's just "you are a little up this week".. instead she offered her feelings on how it's just a bump in the road and so on... that made it a little less horrible but I still am facing  this past weeks numbers.

Last week= 271.2 
This week= 276.2 (+5)
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 48.8

Turns out when I was feeling "under the weather" last post I had no clue it would get worse. I thought it was one of those couple days kinda sore throats.. I ended up making a trip to the Dr. on friday to get some medicine for my "head cold". Nope!  I have a viral infection.. it's almost gone at this point but I lost my voice for a better part of the day yesterday. 

Does anybody else have an obsession with trying to organize everything?! I think I do. 
I finally decided it would be a good idea to get a day planner. 
Let me just say .. I'm veryy excited to have ordered one. I'll be getting it sometime next month, so today has been all about pre-organizing before my planner gets here.

I was choosing between these two :) I chose the one on the right. I searched for a while and finally found one  that was exactly what I wanted. I read lots of great reviews.

Time management has always been such a  challenge for me, I honestly wonder how people "just do it". I need reminders, charts and lists. ( how horrible is it that all of the above just excites me??)

Getting better (in more way than one..)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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