Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pita Pizza & Lemon Chicken :)

A must watch for every halloween :)

These are from past days!
All spread out :) in one post

Whole wheat pita cut in halfs.. kinda broke a little 

low fat cheese & regular sauce with spinach inside
 Last night was an early Halloween party :) & Tomorrow I'll be going to Tampa Bush Gardens with my roommate for Hall-O-scream! Tomorrow is also weigh in day. I've been working on getting DOWN this week! hopefully tomorrows weigh in will be good news :)

More photos 
our living room it was quiet that day :) 

These bananas are almost gone by now... I have one left & it's gotta go soon!

There is an issue with this cabinet. Guess WHAT IT IS!??? Something I though I could have in there -but very obviously can not & should not have. Thanks NUTELLA for being so delicious...

What it's looking like on my shelf :) mine is the middle shelf & the veggie drawer (can't see that here) 

Whole wheat flour

To zest the lemons :)


This had a verry  & the brocoli I used garlic and lemon juice to cook them for a bit... I like them lightly cooked (not soft *usually)

One of my roommates gave me these early trick or treat?!


Wallflower's Progress