Monday, August 26, 2013

Weigh-In Triggers & a yummy snack!

So, applying for jobs has never been fun.. editing resumes and cover letters for each new application has pretty much been my year. A year..seriously. I can't help but feel a bit bad about myself after being unemployed for this long. I've been working freelance but that's not steady (though it is SOMETHING). Hearing back from employers has been a trigger for me in the past. That's what I've been working on the past few weeks.

Paying attention to these stress triggers has been helping me. At one point I found myself going to take a snack break after every job I applied to.  :/ I found that was a trigger also, I realized I got this nervous feeling after sending my applications in and that would be a trigger. KNOWING THAT HELPS. Instead make sure I have my glass of  arizona green tea /water mixture.

This weeks weigh-in :)
This week=268.8 (-2.8)
Last week= 271.6
Start Weight= 320
Total loss=51.2

It's almost time to start looking for new sneakers. My shoes I have now are just a year old and are at that point where you can see my socks right where my pinky toe is. 
Does anybody else's toes fall asleep while on the arc trainer or maybe the elliptical. I use the arc trainer, but I'd assume this would happen on an elliptical as well? It usually happens around the 20 minute mark??? 
This stuff is great! I love the peach flavor. I've noticed these are kinda ...creamier? not as thick as the original Activia. But in a good way. :) Great snack, I sprinkle a little bit  of granola on top. yum
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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