Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weigh-in Update & Crafts!

This Week = -.6 lbs 

Current Weight= 268.8 lbs

Start Weight = 320 lbs

Total Lost = -51.2 lbs

How is it that I'm always forgetting how much I love watermelon?! A few people recommended I  eat more watermelon and strawberries since I was having a problem getting enough fiber. I was happy to find out they will be in season sometimes very soon in March - July. :) Awesome!!!
*edit I was recommended to eat watermelon for how much water is in it..not so much the fiber it turns out.

So refreshing!  (Credit: Harsha K R/Flickr)
As for strawberries... they are okay. They are always kinda tart?
This week felt a bit uneventful.. and I just received a piece for my camera that was broken! So now I'll be able to take my own pictures again.

YAY Craft
I've been feeling like I need to do some crafting! You know that urge? " I need to make something with my hands..." kinda feeling.
I forgot to take a picture of the sides before I started... It was just a plain white ceramic  bowl that I've had since I was little... I never especially likes it and was about to throw it away...
But then I decided I should just bedazzle it.... So I cut out pictures from a few magazines and an Illustration from Alice In Wonderland I printed out. I have random print outs just for this reason.
THEN of course there needed to be beads glued to the top!
Sometimes I think I'm addicted to hot glueing...

I didn't really have a place to store my brushes this was the perfect height for them!
Turns out a friend of mine was giving away tons of brushes she never used. Before that I never needed a "place" for brushes. (Back)
My second project - Tissue paper flowers! There were made from coffee filters and colored with watercolors
the coffee filter flowers live here now :}

So a while back I had this same feeling and worked on ^those^ projects ... and I have one more I haven't done yet. I was waiting for some the next time I feel like making something! (now)
I bought tissue paper to make a pom pom for my room.

Seems easy enough! I'll be trying this tonight or this afternoon. :)

Have a great week!

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