Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The Flip I rented for a few weeks! Seems pretty simple and easy to use- so far so good!

I just got back from  digital checkout (and class), where I rented a Flip Video ultra HD I think it's called. I took some small videos just to try it out on my way home. I had to walk home three times today.
The first time I went back was when I realizes "Hey I'm out of class early & digital check-out is open...what can I get?!.."
the second time I  discovered there was no charger for the camera ( i was still not home but one my way)... I went back & asked- turns out these cameras just hook up  to the computer and charge from there. I like it! No extra wires to worry about.
The third time I felt like I left something * DING DING DING!! * I did! My illustration board for my next project was still up at the 5th floor, cursing A LOT when I saw it wasn't in the first place I thought I had left it. I found it in the second place! Anyways.. I went back for the last time today.
I'm not an elevator fan...but that third time walking up to the 5th floor wasn't going to happen.

Elijah Wood came to our College to do a Q&A, I was lucky enough to get a confirmed ticket! It was really great, he seemed like a really down to earth, interesting guy. It was a nice experience, he talked about some of his ambitions, other than acting. This all reminding me I've got a lot to do also.  It's great to have a goal.

Good  Afternoon!

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