Sunday, August 26, 2012

WW Weigh In & Tropical Storm Isaac!

Weigh-in Update

July.28.2012 / 294.6 

Aug.4.2012 / 291.0 = -3.6

Aug.11.2012 / 289.4 = -1.6  {Total -5.2}

Aug.18.2012 / 285.4 = -4.0 {Total -9.2}

Aug. .25.12 / 288.0 = +2.6 { Total -6.6}
* these numbers are from  this recent summer. Since it's getting confusing separating my weigh-ins from when I started this summer and last summer I think I'll make list on a separate page soon. Make everything  little easier and less confusing to look at.

I knew I did pretty horribly this week WW wise. Instead I was very UNwise and ate whatever my family ate because I didn't have the energy to make something for myself as I would usually. Horrible excuses! haha Anyways I gained 2.6 Lb's this week! AHHH along with going to the gym...I can't imagine what this week may have been like if there was no gym.
Let me list off some of the things that I faced & did not turn down this week.
I feel like Mabel after she ate all those Smile Dips " Why did I do that?"

  • Canoni's
  • Pizza- not the whole wheat I usually make when I DO choose to have pizza.
  • Italian bread (more white bread)
  • pastry h'orderves ( the bad kind..if there are really any good kinds)
  • cheese and wine

Tracking was kinda an on and off thing..
I was not on top of it this week for sure. But honestly, that 2 lbs kinda kicked me back into gear! At first I felt a little bit like failure, but then I thought bout all those things I could change from this past week.

we saw channel 4 news

This afternoon me and my dad decided to take a trip to the beach, we went yesterday to check out the waves. I took my camera this afternoon. The winds picked up from yesterday, nothing too bad! There were lots of people hanging out watching the waves and taking  walks.

The storm hasn't really effected our area too much! 
usually we lose power.. but surprisingly and thankfully we haven't lost power. The only effects we've had thus far is out cable going out no big deal at all! :]

Good night!!! + can't wait for the sun to come back out!

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