Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Alarm worked but my computer didn't.. Weigh-In Update

Soo I have my blog alarm... that's all fine it reminded me after my WW meeting. I get on my computer, wifi signal "up and working" but the internet says its not connected...this happens often now that this computer is almost 5 years old. One of my friends who has the same exact computer got hers at the same exact day as I did is having computer problems. She actually ended up needed to purchase a new one because the parts for our model computer is "ancient" in computer land apparently. I finally restarted my computer this morning, once again and I'm not getting an error message!

My lunch at work yesterday. A turkey wrap with a piece of swiss and less than a tsp of  thousand island. Also some string cheese and an Orange.

Weigh-In (Saturday)
This week=270.8 (-1.6 lbs this week!)
Last week= 272.4.2 
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 49.2 <-- almost 50  
This past week was hard, What helped most was tracking my food. I guess that's why they emphasize tracking! I'm still using an app on my phone to track with my friend.

The other day I was at the Dr.s for an annual check-up. I am starting a pill that "may increase weigh" ummm..... perfect? Ugh. I'm trying to not even thing about it, because it "MAY"not effect my weight at all. I almost wish they hadn't even said anything.

I sat/jumped/ (i don't know what I did) on my bed last night and I felt this weird kind of cramping pain in my side where I my leg upper side of my leg hurts when I walk. :/ I'm thinking it will "work itself out", at least that's what my dad told me.
I was at a friends house and found all these amazing plants..
My planner came in a while ago, but since it was pre-ordered and it  starts in August... I have some time to wait before I start using it.

We went toa neighborhood just outside the beach to watch the fireworks this  year, it was wonderful. My family is almost impossible to get out without an it was a miracle to get them out to see fireworks. Success!

Hope everyone has a good week-


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