Sunday, August 14, 2011

Really busy? or losing motivation?

"riddle me this.."

'losing motivation':
I just feel that when I started, I was really "IN IT" ( I don't even want to write about losing motivation...because I feel it will allow me to lose it more) I'm feeling differently now. I think it's just this transition from school to home & I hope I've just really busy lately! I  haven't been to the gym in what will be 4 days & I miss it. Workouts are a great outlet... so many things are coming up this week!

looking back now.. all these things sound like excuses
Who did I write this list for? Was it for me? Justifying myself-TO MYSELF?? what?
I need to pack
Finish a few projects I promised I'd finish before leaving!
finish shopping  -if possible :[
Lots of laundry
 curve balls: These things got a lot more difficult after my mom injured her leg somehow :[ Now I'm  taking care of her (not bad,just adds more to the list)
curve balls

My dad needs surgery & it's scheduled for after I leave for school.. this doesn't add to my list right now.. but everyone is very high stress. I understand we all have so much going on now.

I'm tracking, going out of my way to be more active (since I haven't been to the gym for a while now) Weight Watchers Online has so many great recipes I'll have to try once I get settled in school.

I made eggplanet tonight for dinner! was delicious & I'll take pictures next time, i expect i'll be in less of a rush ;}

I will NOT be having pizza :[ that was a horrible greasy experience last time! no need to re- visit.


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