Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Saviors!

Keeping everything tasting great & really being satisfied is super important.
Personally I've been buying a lot of onions and mushrooms & using them wherever & how ever I can.I've always loved mushrooms and onions are an automatic plus for many foods.

I'm not scared of getting bored of these foods because it is not all I'm eating 24/7 & I fel good about it.there are so many great ways to prepare foods in a healthy tasty  way & THAT IS FUN.

I want pizza so badly! I want to find a really great way to build a guilt free pizza for myself - I'll work on that. maybe it will have some mushroom & onions! :}

Oh.. & I am just very scared of cheese.* I'm thinking that's the big issue with pizza. I really don't mind giving up the bread part , the cheese is a huge killer for me.I can't get past the idea of eating cheese maybe it's a good think but any amount I'm refusing since I've started.Maybe I don't trust myself.

I didn't get to the gym today.I was seeing my parents off on a trip. I did however have time for a refreshing walk around the neighborhood.I timed it & it's roughly about 12-5 depending on how horribly humid it is! 

For what it's worth.... it will be harder for me to get to the gym this week now that I have less convenient transportation.For a week it will be a little difficult but these is no excuse for not walking! & some is better than none in this case.



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