Sunday, September 11, 2011


The site  ( mine came from Dannon's Yogurt Parfait)

I entered my code.. & have other to be entered as I go!

The Party {Friday}..
was actually really great. My roommates were pretty much the only people I actually knew. I did see some familiar faces & started making conversation with new people. Before the party we went to Chili's for dinner & decided to get  some drinks for before & after the party. I ended up buying watermelon Smirnoff - I've tried the Strawberry & the grapefruit before. The watermelon & strawberry will continue to be my favorites.
It was a great night overall :] There are some funny moments I'll keep to myself though.

& Last but not least
 My heart is out to everybody who knew & lost somebody in 9/11
-I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

- Goodnight

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