Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plateau, for me!? You really shouldn't have...

A few days away from actually moving back to school! Lot's of mixed feelings going on concerning going back.
I weighed in today.. this will be my 10th week on weight watchers :]
These past few weeks have me believing I'm having what they call a "weight-loss plateau" I weighed in as 289.9 this week (last week was 289.4).  I can see how this could be discouraging & I really have no idea how long this is supposed to happen for. I'm sure there is no magic number! :] I'm staying positive & on track.
I'll be back on track with the blogs when I'm settled at school!I'm looking forward to taking my new habits back to school with me. I don't think it will be easy, school is were I really lost control in the first place( I wasn't "in control" before school,but it got worse when I had nobody to answer to).

I've talked to my roommates & they know what i've been up to this summer.Like everyone else so far...they were very supportive.

Oh yeah!!! tomorrow is going to be my last day at the gym (this gym) I will be aquatinting myself to the gym at school just as soon as it opens.


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