Sunday, June 12, 2011

The start of something good

This summer I came home from College knowing I was in a bad place, health wise. Even before my parents approached me separately (I had been having long conversations with myself knowing this needs to stop NOW).  
 When my parents came to me separately I didn’t feel the usual “Oh god, here it comes…why did I even come home!?” – instead motivated to really take care of myself. Before when I had been approached *since this has been an issue for sooo long*  I wasn’t ready to face how severely overweight I've become & was very spiteful when my parents would approach me.

One reason I was spiteful & what really helped me (other than me really facing my issues) was my parent told me, now that I’m home they will give me the tools I need to get this ball rolling. The tools I’ve taken hold of are:

Signing up for Weight Watchers
& Joining the local YMCA

This is my 1st week only 3 days into the Weight Watchers Program. I weighed in at 320 ( I am 5’’7’’ & 22 years old)  Also, definitely the biggest I’ve ever been & hopefully ever will be.

NOBODY BUT MY MOM & my Dr. KNOWS THAT!! O: – not anymore- But I feel like putting it out here will help me really get over the facts & on my way to really helping myself change it.

& I also made my 1st visit to the YMCA Gym. I stayed for an hour  & also met with a trainer that was extremely helpful since this was my 1st time in a gym.

This being my 1st time in a gym, I had no idea how to use any of the equipment, so this trainer was very helpful for showing me the different machines. WHOA let me just say! Some of these machines I could only stay on for a few minutes, but I moved around  & ended on the treadmill.

This was all two days ago! I am still sore tonight but I think I can go back tomorrow & get back in the game. * I still went on my daily walks when I was letting my soreness go away a bit *

Being in college I was sharing my dorm with 3 other girls whom I’ve known for three years now. In that time I had observed they each had very different life styles  & eating habits ( as three separate people WOULD have…haha duh).
Anyways my point is I felt like I had an excuse to eat whatever I felt like, no matter what it as. At some point I did try very held to eat as well as I could. I sincerely don’t even know what happened to that. I was just fooling myself & that is what really hurts.

I also feel like there are so many things I have kept myself back from doing & THAT is just even more motivation to really commit to this.
My point ISNT that I can‘t do these things without losing weight but it would probably be a lot easier if I was more fit at least. Because right now… I am far from.

 I don’t know why I gave up on myself so totally but I am done hurting myself & I feel even more committed putting this out here.

On a last note!
For dinner a few days ago  we had everything we needed to make Kabobs! They were fun, easy to make & just so good.

Chicken,onions,cherry tomatoes,green pepper &Pineapple
I tried to add some mushrooms but they broke every time I tried to get them on the skewers!

Goodnight! 2nd day at the gym coming right up :]


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