Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weigh-In - A few Gains ( Good & not sooo great)

Starting Weight = 320 lbs 

This Week = +3 ( -13.8 lbs since back from school)
Lost from start = 39 lbs

BLAH! (」゜ロ゜)」This past week was a 3 lb gain!!
Buuuttt I know exactly what happened, since this week is another HOLIDAY I'll be watching to make sure this week isn't a repeat. 
We actually did some real grocery shopping yesterday.
Last week all we purchased were item to make the turkey,brisket and matzo ball soup!
Let's just say that after two nights in a row of having our "holiday dinner" plus leftovers (that we still have) we were all looking for something else to snack on. It was just a very off week :-/

This week we'll have a fast and the breaking of a fast... that will be very interesting. I know my parents will be fasting, I on the other hand have some medications I'll be eating with...otherwise I'll be fasting along with my parents. A friend of mine will be spending Yom Kippur with us this year! YAY:]

Alright, to kinda sum up my plan for the breaking of the fast...
Usualllllyyy I'd have a few bagels and whatever else....ect......ect......
**( I had one bagel this year :} )
( I havn't been home for breaking of the fast since I was in High School, so being home for all these holidays will be a new experience to learn from it seems.

Changin' up Breakfast
Oatmeal time!
On sale for buy 1 get 1!
The two I chose :]

Never expected to have a craving to try oatmeal- I remember having a bit when I was younger ( my grandparents loved the stuff!).  There was a buy 1 get 1 deal this week :} The variety packs made sense since I wasn't sure what flavors I like. 
I made mine with milk :}

The first flavor I tried was the Apple & Cinnamon in the Lower Sugar Package. It sounded great because I knew I could chop up some Golden Delicious with it! The last touch was some real cinnamon... I'm so happy I ended up loving it --- Don't know what I would have done with two boxes otherwise.

MY GOOD GAIN *other than finding a nice new breakfast option!* ( JUST SAYIN)...
I beat Katamari Damacy the other night! Like I said I would :P
hahha I play this game way too much.


I just finished cleaning the house.. It's 5 Am :/ I should probably get some sleep now.
I really need to get myself to be earlier


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