Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 Pounds Lighter this week!- yes please!

Wow, I doubted myself so much! I honestly was prepared for the worst , especially when it feels like nothing is that different. I feel so much better and am much more hopeful. At this Weight Watchers meeting I hear that this first week is usually the easiest?* easier to loose a significant amount of weight -more than the usual 1-2 pounds a week*  This wasn't said to me personally but to the crowd in general.   

Oh yeah! the good news!!!!!!! I lost 6 pounds this week! :] I can't stop smiling. It feels good knowing after hard work something good comes from it all.
I don't think it would be right to expect these results week after week.I'm not going to debbie down the heck out of this though.

My ipod is coming soon! I'm expecting it tomorrow "by the end of the day" Thank you UPS :] I look forward to seeing you at my doorstep. I had my ipod classic for at least 5 years now no problems. Just recently the headphone jack got a little messed up.Now one side you can't hear anything from & no it's not the headphones! I bought a few pairs before I realized it was actually my ipod.{super crazy denial!} or just crazy slow. I'll go with denial. I bought a shuffle for $44.00 AFTER I purchased it I realized I could have looked more and gotten another brand mp3 player for that price.I'll try the shuffle though!

Also! I've had a water revelation.I'm going to admit that I was drinking sodas,and juices & that's about it. I don;t remember the last time I had a glass full of water before this week started...YEAH seriously horrible. I've changed all of that & I'm not looking back!

Today was great! I'm excited to get back to the gym again tomorrow. * I went today also & worked on my arms & cardio :]

Goodnight! & Sweet dreams 


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