Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bitter Sweet & Let's Keep Our Fingers Crossed!

 The Bitter { I have a lot of time to think while I'm working out & the main theme of these wondering thoughts have been my 1st weigh in. I know very very well that the fat wont disappear like magic *pooff! gone! But the thought of walking in thursday *tomorrow* & maybe weighing more or the same? I think it would really hurt these positive feelings I've been keeping up.The devastating part of this would be I am sincerely trying! I've never actually dedicated myself this much. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of something I shouldn't be over thinking.I have not been weighing myself in the gym for the reason I do NOT want to over obsess.

{I was having a hard time dealing with an issue involving somebody else in my life, no specifics. not important for the blog..

More sweet { I was able to spend more time on a machine I was having trouble on before! I talked to someone at the Y & they helped me figure out the issue, at first I was only able to go for less than a minute! haha that's pretty horrible! & to think I was watching everyone else go on this machine * called the arc? anyways they were on there for a while.I watched to see what I was doing wrong, it turns out the resistance was very high & I just needed to lower it.

uhh duh @ me :} silly.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrows 1st weigh in.I also know to set a more realistic goal for myself :] 1-2 lb's a week.

I have another goal to start working on  :] SLEEP

I'll end my night on a more sweet note! I saw Enchanted was on Tonight :] This is such an adorable scene/song.



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