Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday Shake-up!

I always miss-judge how many bananas I buy! I'm guessing it's just one of those things...
This is how I salvage my bananas before it's too late :]

Using Total Soy (2 scoops)

eyeballed the milk

this was two bananas of the three.. 

I'll use the third banana tomorrow morning. This is with the two scoops of Total Soy.

Two surprise ingredients ( Raspberry jelly & peanut butter) my dad is the shake maker in the family.. he  always makes great shakes & the jelly & peanut butter always make them extra special. (without sacrificing too many points!)


The noisy part!

Not sure this is the pic

It ended up being thick because of the bananas :]

Also tomorrow I'm going to the mall & I have a plan! I really want some fall scented (anything).. it's my favorite season & there are always such cute things AT... {B&BW Bath & Body Works }. I'm not sure how it came up but me and my roommate will be going to the mall, we made plans to stop by B&BW :]

Here is what I'd like to pick up :]

  • 1st & main reason : Wallflowers ( I just realized how funny that sounds coming from me ..ha)
  • Candles
  • (after that it just depends on what's on sale & how much I'd spent already)
  • Oh yeah & everything..?
The point of this shopping trip was to have my room smell great! I love walking into my room after a long day in class & have it smell like the holidays or sweet things :]

I've recently just used up all of my "Pink Sugar"... before it started looking empty I sprayed that all the time,before bed, in my closet, in when I opened them I'd just a burst of sweetness.
THEN before I had "Pink Sugar" I did the same with Vera Wang's Princess.
I'm scent obsessed...

& my next hopefully! (it's not my birthday any time soon haha I just like to plan ahead...this is about 4 months ahead-haha )
I think I'll buy this for my next birthday :] Does anybody else buy themselves  small gifts for their own birthdays?
The Demeter (site they have so many unique fragrances!)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend :]



Wallflower's Progress