Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Afternoon update :]

Oranges,granola & turkey burgers.... ( can't be good eating the same thing everyday...)
That's been my diet for the past week. :/  It's not on purpose really, like a new thing to try. It's more like it was easy the first lets do it again. I'm sick of it already :] I think we're going grocery shopping sometime soon.

I recently found several shake recipes "green monster"- the recipes call for spinach :] I made revisions to make it my own but it was actually very good!

It's surprising how fast a big bag of spinach goes!

I could see little green specks but I didn't taste anything  'spinachy'

I'll be trying this again sometime!
The small Hamilton beach blender I got... after a while of using it I realize it's probably not so great. I know * you get what you pay for -sometimes youa re lucky and find a real gem- * this wasn't what happened. The blender is fine for now.. I have 3 more month here, I'll probably give it to my parents. They already have a nice full-size mixer but I don't know who else I'd give this to when I'm done in school. I'll ofcourse tell them
1. it's small, you guys will probably never need it...
2. it smells like a "motor after pressing the button for less than 15 seconds..
1.It works fast though! so I have no trouble- even with frozen bananas and spinach leaves.
2. It's pink/ cute ? I guess that doesn't count for much :] haha

Owell! I'm usually more fortunate when buying things like this..
I'll go for the real blender next time. I'm sure it will be worth it. PLUS by then I'll be working  ( let's hope).

Good evening!
Time for homework! & the never-ending list of ''TO DO's''

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