Thursday, February 2, 2012

35th WW Weigh- In & Happy Groundhogs Day!

Happy Groundhogs day!

I almost lost track on how many weeks it was. Since my WW online doesn't show my full time I had to re-count since I haven't been posting the number of weeks recently.
Current weight: 274.6
Loss this week -1
Total Loss: -45.4 
Starting weight: 320
I've been staying the same/ fluctuating between the same few pounds. I'm happy I haven't been gaining though! Today I weighed in at 274.6 - almost back to my lowest so far- the lowest was 274.2.
Still haven't hit the 50 mark, hopefully that will be soon!

On another totally different note... I'm having weird pains...almost like my monthly pains/ cramps do you also get cramps days before you get your period? I don't remember this happening before, but I suppose it's what's happening. Just wondering.

Good afternoon! 

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