Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lots to celebrate! 21st WW Weigh In

Weight wise - I stayed the same!
273 :)

:) cute
It was one of my roommates Birthday's the other day!
Also (another roommate) got an internship!

All the celebrating means going out, eating, birthday cake!
I actually made the cupcakes with some friends in a few apartments down from ours & surprised her with these

 It was a join effort decoration wise :} I made one with less icing hopping to maybe snatch that one instead of some of the packed ones haha.

Also, It's funny how things worked out for her birthday- the cupcakes ended up being very purple & almost every other person was wearing purple that night. ( the wine someone brought also seemed purple-ish)

I've gotta head over to the labs tonight & get some homework done!

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