Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pumpkin Ale & Raspberry Xingtea!

The Green Tea
The other day, I mentioned my visit to whole foods for a sushi Dinner. I also purchased a Raspberry Green Tea Drink. I wasn't sure I'd even like it & after reading the serving sizes.. I saw this can has 2 servings. Gradually through dinner and the rest of the night I drank this enormous drink. Since lately I've been a bit bored of just water.. I wanted to get something new for this dinner & I'm glad I did!

The Pumpkin Ale
Recently a friend supplied our apartment with different kinds of beer from Harpoon. The Pumpkin struck my interest, it reminded me of October being SO close! I seemed to have been one of the only fans of this Pumpkin Ale, but that's alright. One of my roommates declared "It tastes like Halloween!" & I quite agree, who wouldn't like some halloween beer?
Looks so cool! & If you like pumpkin & spice, I'd recommend this ale.
& of course I don't plan on drinking beer very often! I just had to taste this :] I felt very full after drinking this.. *I don't drink much, when I do it's some wine with dinner. I've never been able to comfortably drink a whole bottle of beer myself- When I do it's Carona, when having pizza, sushi... and other yummy things that go so well with beer.

I have classes from 3:30- 6:15 & another from 7:00- 10:15! 
I'm glad I made dinner so when I come home from my short break I can eat fast & get over to class. I was already late last time when I went to the wrong side of campus & decided to wait till people showed up. :} Nobody came. I had to call my roommate to check my schedule to tell me I was very-much in the wrong place. Thankfully I got there in time for attendance! This time I plan on getting a better seat.

I had to sit in the middle of a row in the 2nd row. I always feel trapped in those areas. I'd much rather sit on a side so I can get up & not feel like I'm bothering everyone around me. We also ended up watching a film... I  felt like the lady with a huge hat on in the front row. I didn't have  a hat on but still couldn't help but feel I was blocking the screen. In reality I'm sure i wasn't.. it's just one of those days you feel HUGE in silly situations.

good afternoon!

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