Monday, September 10, 2012

WW Weigh-In! & Prescription Issue??

Starting Weight = 320 lbs 
This Week = -2.8 lbs ( -10.2 lbs) 
Lost from start = 36 lbs

I weighed in This weekend, I go on Saturday mornings at 9:30. I lost 2.8 this past week :} yay!
I got my 2nd 5lb star :}! 

It took me a little bit to post this entry because I was feeling a bit under the weather. I hd just gotten a  new prescription for birth control, to regulate my periods. ( They are very out of whack..I'll skip the details). Apparently, it's a common problem for over weight women, so maybe this will cure itself in good time. Anyways, I didn't connect the fact that I had just started a new script to my sick feeling. Long story short... I figured it it, stopped taking the pills. For the most part I'm feeling a lot better, hopefully that was the issue and it's solved.
Those pills made my heart race super fast, I could feel it. I was pretty scared & hope taking this script didn't do any kind of damage,  I was taking it for almost a full week till I'd connected the dots.

After the gym I made myself a lettuce wrap with turkey and mushrooms. That was my 1st lettuce wrap...and it was pretty good! I didn't miss the bread at all.

We've got a lot of star fruit coming in..but nobody in the house eats them! But we do  give them away to friends and neighbors :}

our dog lady & The fish tank outside!

Tonight I made Salmon with Honey Mustard and roasted veggies on-top and on the side :] 


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