Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Harder than I'd thought...

I was never great at multi tasking, so juggling school, homework,classes  while also trying to focus on WW, & my eating habits are proving to be a little difficult. I guess that's just life! Right? I'm working on getting better at managing my time.

For this blog
I've been trying to post something every weekday & usually on weekends I take a little break.. but I think I've chosen to post on weekends too (most of the time). This has been proven to work :] I really enjoy keeping everything up here. reminding me where I'm going & what my goal is. I also really love commenting back & forth with everyone. Getting to know people I normally wouldn't have the chance of knowing.

The stress of school/ senior year
I've mentioned this a few times before... yesterday I really took some time in trying to decide what I want to do this year. The answer I came up with was " I don't know..". This lead to some bad choices.. like maybe I had almost a half a jar of peanut butter?  I told one of my closer friends about  this & she really helped me out. She laughed & said " why peanut butter?" I'm not sure why this helped but I think it was the fact that she made light of what I was telling her. This made me realize there was still time to make it right :] We went to the gym today!

I'd like to manage what I'm doing here both in school & out.
I know I can.. i just need to focus on the goals.

Wallflower's Progress