Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I eat weird things? & Dinner {photos}

Potato & Veggies

The potatoes: Light sour cream,
, Italian Herbs, garlic powder

On the Veggies (mushrooms & Brocoli) I have some garlic powder, salt & pepper... ( i love garlic)

Everything :] mmm this was a great dinner! very satisfying.
Oh & my Arizona green tea :]

& NOW!
"I found you!"
They do!
I was in the pita section the other day & found a nice new alternative to pita bread. I found Pita Chips! the brand I ended up getting was kangaroo Pita Chips, I also so they had MULTI GRAIN :] mmm. that was ultimately why I tried them. Before my purchase I looked at Nutrition Facts & Portions.. looks good to me! This ended up being 3 points for about 11 chips. By accident I grabbed the Sea Salt instead of the multi grain this week! 
Another new favorite :]
Anyways I ended up putting Pita Chips Turkey (deli slices) and babaganoush in a "bite-sized experiment" a.k.a -lunch. This lunch was small & quick because I had some school things going on! THIS WAS GREAT. It's too bad that was the last of my turkey for now. ( the whole idea was to eat the turkey before it went bad & make a lunch FAST) 
+ maybe next time I have these I'll try and take a picture that doesn't look gross! I promise it's not :}

This is kind of like when I put pretzels & ice-cream together.. it just works! Then when your friends see you it get's kinda weird :]

Last thing!
I went to the gym today! 20 minutes on the arc trainer :] It was nice to let out some steam after classes.
 Hope everyone else had a great Wednesday aswell! 
**ALSO! what's the strangest thing you eat & enjoy!?

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