Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Dinner: Egg beaters & Veggies (Mushrooms, Brocoli)  
Finally, back to the gym! Before I went in I told myself that if I had to leave early because of my foot..that it would be okay & that I had at lest tried. Thankfully the Arc Trainer didn't strain any muscles in my foot &  was able to workout for a little over my usual 20 minute goal.

I almost forgot how accomplished I felt after having worked out!- and not to mention blowing off some steam that was building up the past few weeks (stress form school & just life). 

Oh, I was also finally able to sign into my WW account online! I had sent them an E-mail & this morning (before I noticed they had E-mailed me back) my account was working again! There was a list of suggestions as to why it may not have been functioning correctly.

ALL IN ALL I'm able to track online again & am back to the gym!
TOMORROW IS weigh-in day

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