Saturday, June 29, 2013

Keeping Motivation UP and Weight DOWN!

This week=272.4 (-3 lbs this week!)
Last week= 276.2 
Start Weight= 320
Total loss= 47.6

Enjoying a CLIF bar while also enjoying my favorite tree, it's finally in bloom.  It's funny how the bloom is always on time for summer. Nature is amazing.

Some of my breakfasts from this past week. I've been trying to change it up! I was having the same thing every morning for a while.

Heres to a great week!

It's funny when you eat better for while you actually just feel more energized(No kidding! Right?). It's a start to a great cycle. The intended cycle is to stay motivated from this positive week and continue!

I tracked all my food on an app called lose it. I'm keeping track of my points on the small tracker papers they give you at the meetings. I'm doing both because a friend of mine is also working hard and getting healthy. She asked me to follow along on the app with her. I've mentioned before how I think it's extremely helpful not to do this alone. It's great motivation when you have support of others reaching for the same goals (that goes for almost everything).
I've been spending some sare time working on getting my supplies organized. Next up is my paint box... it's always been a challenge. (Pens down/ paints to go)

My planner is on it's way :) last time I checked it was in Boca Raton and last night Orlando. I'm kinda stalking my journal on it's journey here! It's WONDERFUL! Thank you for the ability to track mail!

Couldn't sleep a wink till about 6 in the morning the other day... this was happening out my window. Do I seriously sleep through this lovely sky every morning?
 OH!!!! OH BOY! last but not least-- Is anybody else overly excited about the new season of Dexter coming back on Tomorrow night!?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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