Friday, August 5, 2011

I Joined Weight Watchers Online!

Beautiful blue skies, I didn't even see the flag till later :] how great is that?
Weight Watchers Online Movement, Yeah!
Sadly, this means no more meetings :[ it's too bad too! I was making some great friends & meeting some really great new people. I will sincerely miss seeing these ladies & gents that attended these meetings with me.
I was able to take advantage of their Online deal & signed up 2 weeks before I'd actually be going back to school. As I'm writing this I realize this is a real blessing! I am now able to kind of "feel this new experience of Weight Watchers out" at home. By the time I get back to college it won't be such a huge change (ww wise). It's exciting since I wasn't sure how to count my past weeks on WW i started from the weight I'am right now.
I love smelling these whenever I pass by!
My two favorites in the front yard
Tonight: Shabbat Dinner!

MMM this challah was so fresh, I love when they have sesame seeds on-top. 

We ran out of marinade for our meats. Thought we'd give this one a shot. I'll use it tomorrow on the Kabobs I'll be making

One of my dad's friends has a tree & gave us a  huge Florida Avocado- I'll be using that tomorrow also  

MM! I spiced up these potatoes for dinner,everone loved them. I just cut 3 potatoes up, sprinkled Italian Herb, Salt, Pepper, Paprika & Olive oil (very little, enough to cover potatoes lightly) then baked at 350 for about 30 minutes.

Steak, usually we have chicken on friday nights.. but I'm not complaining & nobody else was either haha :)

I have more pictures to add from tonight, but blogger is giving me a hard time placing them in the right places!? :[ I'll figure it out tomorrow! It's getting too late.
I'm also getting used to the Weight Watchers Online site, everything seems very organized & easy to go along with! I'm impressed WW. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it right away haha.


8th Weigh In Jitters!!

From Philippe Halsman's: Jumpology
For the 1st time, out of all the weigh in's, I'm not 100% sure why I felt so anxious before this one. I'm usually pretty laid back.. but when anxiety comes- it's evident.
 Anyways, Some good news at the scale tonight! This week I was -4.2 lbs! Totally physced, I thought I would's so hard to tell how the week went till the weigh in. It's strange though, I haven't done anything to make myself think I would actually gain. It's hard to grasp the idea of actually doing well.
Starting weight: 320 lbs
Current: 289 lbs
Lost: 30.2 lbs!

30, I wonder what that actually looks like!?
I've told my close friends what I have been up to this summer, everyone is being so supportive & genuinely seem happy for me. That really makes a difference, it's great to have people to relate & talk to.

So, I've been on the search for a great new cereal... CHEERIOS! Yup, I've discovered multi-grain Cheerios!
They are not sugary, yet they are sweetened, like the honey cheerios. YUM- so glad I tried these.
TWO weeks left till school. I have to check about moving to Weight Watchers Online soon! There is a deal I don't want to miss- I think it ends on the 6th

Gotta get a move on :] Going to bed delighted!

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