Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! :)

I'd love to go to Disney's not so scary Halloween one year!
Happy Halloween!
I'm not even sure I'll be doing anything tomorrow. Me and my roommate plan on seeing Paranormal Activity 3 & go for dinner at Apple-bees before or after. No actual halloween party or anything. We'll see :)

  • Best part about halloween is seeing decorations ( like most holidays- that's what I love the most
  • Another thing would have to be Halloween episodes
  • Disney's Halloween Treat video 
  • The 1st Creepshow Movie
  • Tales from the darkside 
  • it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (it's usually on tv :D )

    I wish I could buy this  in better quality!

    Some shows have the BEST Halloween Episodes.
    1ston my list will be all of the  ROSEANNE's
    They have great costumes
    these are just some clips from all of their halloween episodes :)
    They are all on youtube

    they were candies that tasted kind of bad.. but looked pretty neat

    my roommate found these  eyeball ice cube trays :) pretty cool

    Tonight is Dexter! I'm not seeing it online..should have been up a while ago :/ I should really get Showtime so I wouldn't have this problem.

    SORRY for going video crazy! I'm just so excited & wanted to share some things I enjoy <3


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