Thursday, September 1, 2011

13th Weight Watchers Wight In!

-3 lbs this week!
Current: 278.4 lbs

Starting weight: 320 lbs
Total Lost: -41 lbs!

 I'm excited, it's proving to be a little challenging to stay on target with the amount of points I have to use. I'll admit it was easy to stick to my original amount of points. I started out with 51 points a day(I checked)! Right now I'm using 45.. the point being I'm glad it's a gradual change & I'm sure I'll adjust. Today I went over my daily..but still have PP.

Anyways :] that was the news today. Been working on thesis ideas & classes.

The number  -41 lost so far is really exciting to see. I must not give myself much credit because I don;t remember the ast time I was so proud of myself.

"Flights Of Fancy"- Martha Stewart Magazine
I was in Publix the other day & saw Martha Stewart's Halloween Issue " Flights of Fancy". This is such a cute & fun magazine.. I don't remember looking at one of her magazines before this. As in most Halloween Issues of magazines- they put out pictures of frosting toped brownies with tons of candies on top. In this issue there were real foods that were creatively put together to fit the halloween theme. I was not disappointed, as a matter of fact, I would love to see the past issues & look forward to future Halloween issues :]
I hope it's alright I'm showing one of the spreads :o I tried so it wouldn't be a straight on page view. Even if you don't buy it... look at the inside spreads :] they are so much fun!

Oh & the cover is so funny! even the guy at the register made a comment about Lady Gaga.. (mistaking Martha,on the cover, for Lady Gaga) 

Thanks to one of my roommates-I tried a Fiber One Brownie today! it was actually really tasty & I can see why she loves them so much. I'm still looking for that "one sweet" I'll be able to have & just really be satisfied. 
The wrapper, they are relatively small.. but a good portion for a light brownie like this one.


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