Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying New Things :]

I was pleasantly surprised after trying the new Activia parfait (6 PP)! It was fabulous, I tried the 'Mixed Berry' Flavor. I'm so glad  I tried these :] they weren't where the other Activias were (for me at least) & I switched these out for the originals I had already put in my cart.

I also started my day off with a 'Special K Protein Shake (5 PP)' - in Milk Chocolate. The label indicated there IS Milk & Soy in this product. It tasted a lot like what I recall 'Chocolate Boost' tasted like. This kept me satisfied for about 2 and a half hours ( I try and eat every three hours ). I will buy both again, though maybe not the Special K as much -only because it was a bit pricey (College Student here!)
Had the shake in the morning. I had the yogurt after I came back from a night class.. I'll have to plan  these later classes out better.

My dinner. It was getting too late to defrost anything! Sliced up a banana & had some Chocolaty Delight with Almond Milk :]

Looks like a bowl of banana

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