Monday, September 17, 2012

WW Weigh-In :)!!

Starting Weight = 320 lbs 

This Week = -6.6 ( -16.8 lbs since back from school)
Lost from start = 42 lbs

I lost 6.6lbs this week!! I'm almost back down to my lowest weight on this journey, very excited, proud and  relived! I was worried I'd be disappointed WW wise, this past week has been all power foods and lots (and lots) of water! 
I'll have to take note of this week....incase  I look back and really try to figure out what happened this week :]

Drinking water like nobody's business..- I peed a ton this past week, just sayin.
  • Power foods
Another goal for this past week was to try and keep things as natural and whole as possible. This lead to a lot of power foods..
  • I really kept track of Sodium, cholesterol and saturated fats...
  • Portion control 
This was a big one & I'm still working on it!

 The lowest I've been while on this journey is about 3 lbs away!!!

Publix had another deal this past week for buy 1 get 1 free
cantaloupe was this weeks miracle snack!

Sweet-Potato Casserole 
My favorite dish to make for the holidays
I made some tweaks that went unnoticed ( in a good way)
added WAY less brown sugar than I usually would...

We had or Rosh Hashanah Dinner last night, our fridge literally only has a huge turkey, brisket, matzo ball soup and sweet-potato casserole in it...
As for the gym, I think we are going back on wednesday! It figures that this week gets a little more difficult after a good  loss :P 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! (totally unrelated!!)
I just want to let everyone know I'll be beating the last level of Katamari Damacy for PS2 tonight...

no doubt about it! (maybeeee)

Good afternoon everyone!

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