Thursday, July 14, 2011

5th Weigh In!

-1.4 lbs this week! I'll take it :]
Strating Weight : 320
Current Weight : 298
Lost So Far: 21.4 lbs

1 lb star!
I really started connecting with people at our meetings this week. I'm not much of a talker in general & usually keep to myself. I feel very comfortable knowing these great ladies & wish I wasn't leaving so soon. This loss is smaller than what I've had in the past , but I'm very happy to be having a loss rather than a gain! A little further away from the 300's Oh yeah!!

I'm on the search for some good cereal! There are so many types & I've tried many but I feel like they are still coated in sugar to make them taste better. Labels are tricky & not just talking about points..but straight up natural type cereal. Looking for health, not how many points I can have eating it. I've seen the commercials for the great grains? I think it's called* I'm hearing mixed reviews on that as well.
I've also tried & loved chocolate Delight by Special K... but I wonder what those chocolate substitutes are. I can totally understand how some people wouldn't like the way this chocolate in this cereal feels * but I like it!* It's really not a choice I would want to be going to so often.. maybe once in a while :] I hope this stays on the shelves.
 Still on the search!

I might be staying with a friend sometime this weekend & may end up going out.. I'll see how that goes. I will be unfamiliar with the area & not have internet with me *my cell is pretty old school for now*.

Let's keep going :]


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