Wednesday, October 12, 2011

QUICK EASY SNACKS & DINNERS ( need some ideas)

I've been working late nights in the computer labs recently. I come home late very very hungry... I bring snacks (cheerios or a bar- not so great since they usually are better if you are going to be active afterwards) why I usually stick with the cheerios. I've been feeling like all I eat is the same easy things now. Cheerios for snacks and a sandwich on the run. I've been eating things at the wrong times ( I wouldn't say over eating... because I'm not). I think what I'm saying is a need some new snack or eat put together dinners.

Also another problem has been when I have time to cook and prepare for the week ,so I don;t have to rush, the meat I want to use is always frozen & that hasn't been working out. I have everything to make lemon chicken, just no time to wait for it to unfreeze.

That's the issue for now...I'm sure I'll be able to make more time soon! This weekend is Halloween Horror Nights though!

I have a question concerning one of my roommates. I've brought up my feeling towards them not cleaning their dishes,pots,pans,silverware and cups several times. The patterns seem to change for a few days & then goes back quickly. I'm having a problem letting this person really know what an issue this has turned into. I love cooking, but when our kitchen isn't accessible I can't say I enjoy it very much at all. I've been avoiding our kitchen. Our first week I cleaned up our kitchen...but it was exhausting & not my messes.
I don't see this roommate much since our schedules are so different. I've been leaving notes & find one or two items cleaned or put away.
I'm not sure how to deal with it right now. I'm trying not to complain it's just a huge frustration right now ( what makes it so frustrating is it's so easy to fix!)
 I'm contemplating erasing this....since I wrote this out I'm feeling a little better. Maybe someone has some good roommate advice?

TOMORROW S weigh in day! I'm not sure how that will go... my diet, sleeping scheule has been so off
Feeling like a real Debbie Downer, I apologize! Hope everyones week is going well so far.


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