Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weigh In Update(s)

Aside from not blogging D:
I've been very productive the past few weeks.
I'm working on my portfolio for a specific job... I'll be applied by the end of this month!

{Nov,24th } LAST WEEK= -1.4 lbs 
Current Weight= 276.6 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 43.4 lbs
________________________________.___.___._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________THIS WEEKS WEIGH IN!___________________

This Week = -1.8 lbs 
Current Weight= 274 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 45.2 lbs

Still working back to where I was a few weeks ago, but I've lost the past few weeks. I'm changing my foods currently. Making better choices.
I just had some dental work done the other day, so now I need to eat some softer foods for a bit. It actually ended up working well with the new foods I've chosen to start eating anyways.

I'm trying to work on getting more ...
and just in general .less processed foods

I recently rearannged everything in my room to make more space for a desk to work on. I had been moving all my things into the living room each time I wanted to do work...and sometimes it just messed up the "workin' groove". Especially when I wanted to work on my art. So now that I don;t have to create a portable office everyday I want to work, I should have more time to get everything I want done. It may not sound like much, but it was a hassel.
While I was moving all my stuff around, I had misplaced my camera charger...I need to upload pictures! :} I'll be making it my mission to find that charger tonight! Along with tuning in for some Walking Dead & Dexter :} 

Hope everyones weekend was great


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