Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great weekend at the beach!

As you can see, it was beautiful this weekend!
As much fun as I had with friends & going to the beach, I can't wait to get back to the gym. The waves were actually very strong when we were there. It could be because of the passing storm that missed us...
This picture was taken by my friend & she edited it in this really nifty program her phone. *For now I'm surviving with my "two-halves-make-a-whole-phone". I text on when I'm in a more texting situation & of course the all important talking phone. :) I am allowed a new phone in November! *

I'd like to go to the beach with my camera before I leave & take my own pictures, it really is so gorgeous out there! It's hard to take my DSLR everywhere I'd like*especially to the beach* . At some point I'd like to save up for a smaller more convenient camera- NOT that i don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE my camera now! because I DO!
It's more of a "beginners" DSLR but it was what I needed! really great camera :]

I ended up having 2 slices of pizza for the 1st time even before I started weight watchers. I suppose there weren't many pizza opportunities for a while :p. I'll admit I've been craving it & after I ate my slices... I'm not sure it was as satisfying as it would have been before I started eating better. AL-RIGHTY! body rejected the pizza a little while later. I was way out in the ocean with my friend because the tide was low and there were sandbars going very far back. Unfortunately we were far from the shore! I honestly just felt so horrible & I thought it was because the water was so rough! Sorry if this is gross! But I did end up running over to the bathroom -how inconvenient! 
I learnt my lesson & was pretty shocked at how sick I felt afterwards.
Thanks for nothing greasy pizza! Pizza isn't sounding good to me anymore...
A friend of mine was telling me how to make a really great version that isn't absolutely horrible for you :]
-Whole wheat tortilla - a whole bunch of your favorite veggie toppings! some cheese and marinara...into the oven on a cooking sheet YUM!
that's super easy & simple, I'm sure so many people do this already, I just think it's so great!


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