Monday, November 5, 2012

Weigh-In & NSV :)

What's with all the late updating Wallflower?!

I don't know!!!!

I went to Weight Watchers this past Saturday, but havn't updated here yet!

Here's where we are at!

This Week = -1.6 lbs
Current Weight= 276 lb
Start Weight = 320 lbs 
Total Lost = 44 lbs

I feel like I'm on a Teeter Totter.. up and down these few pounds. I actually recall having this same problem last year at this exact weight. I couldn't quite get to that 50lb. mark! 
I'm thinking that some changesneed to be made. I've been working out on the same machines...and I think it's just having less of an effect. I do up my resistance on themachines... but it doesn't seem to be enough.
I'm going to have to some thinking about what extra I can do. MY BIKE is fixed, it just needed some air in the tired. I havn't taken a ride in a while.

MY NSV- Non-scale victory!

It's been time for a new pair of pants for a while now.... I caught a look at how my jeans were looking in a store mirror. I was not impressed, my bum was all saggy and it just wasn't flattering anymore.
Those were size 24! I have moved down previously from size 28 (my largest :(...) to my now 22 size jeans.
I've taken into concidertion that every brand has different measurments! So confusing! Just let 22 be a 22 and so on....
This was nice, I'm thinking of buying a few of this pair. Usually after wearing jeans/ pants for a bit..they get loose till the next time you put them in the drier...
Maybe that's just me, but these don;t do that at all. I could wear them all day nd they feel just as fitted as they did when i first put them on in the morning. It's nice to have soemthing that fits well.
Just thought I'd share that NSV!

Good Afternoon!

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