Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weigh-in Update :]

Weigh-in Update Starting from July.28.12

July.28.2012 / 294.6 

Aug.4.2012 / 291.0 = -3.6

Aug.11.2012 / 289.4 = -1.6  {Total -5.2}

Aug.18.2012 / 285.4 = -4.0 {Total -9.2}

I was very shocked, for some reason I had already come to terms that i had gained this week ( I felt so bloated )...but  instead I lost 4lbs! Good news :]
What did I do? Uhhh....I definitely increased my resistance on the arc trainer, I realized it was getting a little to easy. The default resistance number is at 15 and this week I took it up to 17-20 going back and forth.
Going back to meetings is really great, instead of thursdays like before, I'm going on saturday mornings. I was surprised how packed the meetings are on Saturdays though, it's no surprise once you sit in on the meetings, the WW leader on Saturdays is so energetic, funny, informative, and very genuine. This weekend we mainly talked about drinks alcoholic and non...
We had a visiter the other day! He was right next to the screen door, so we tried to open the screen for him to get back out into the world! Instead he jumps off the screen, into some plants then into the pool. My parents were in the pool at the time :} my mom's reaction was priceless. He was a great swimmer, we got him out with a pool net ( we figured the chlorine water  wasn't the best water to be swimming around in). We find some really crazy things in our pool area.

His name is Icarus * ironic..I know, because he is a turtle :P
The other week we found a little turtle in the pool, my mom again had a funny reaction, she thought he was  leaf at first.

Good afternoon & weekend!

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