Friday, March 9, 2012

The Big Gain Theory

The Big Bang Gain Theory

I'm awake at 3:51 AM- Good morning!
Since I'm wired & am hardly sleepy I thought I'd update a little.
It's not really a theory... it's  fact. I've gained and I'm at 280.
I was at 274 ish for a while... now I've gained- it's scary, but maybe that's good so I get back on track. Since I was very much off track, I am not proud of what I was eating AT ALL. I never even liked Taco Bell before this past year!
Soooo these 6 or so pounds back into the 280's have scared me. Old habits I haven't had problems with are coming back to bite me in my Taco eating butt.

I have two months left till graduation!
This semester I've learned

  1.  I eat when i'm stressed
  2. I eat to get my mind off of something
  3. I also eat while having ll nighters- these are the worst 
  4. My roommate loving taco bell doesn't help ( it's not her fault at all haha, it's all me eating them tacos!)

goodnight! sleep time

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