Friday, August 16, 2013

Family health!

Yeah, here i am instagraming my breakfast!

This week was definitely an eye opener. 
1st: last weight watchers meetings my friend told me she had literally just heard her father had a heart attack. He doesn't reside here so she couldn't do anything in that immediate  time. Of course we talked for a while and she says she wants to help her dad be more health conscious. Her attitude in this situation was very positive in a very negative situation. 
( she flew over to her dad the next day and he had a successful safe surgery. He now has a stint in his heart and is recovering. )
This made me think a lot about why we are doing this....
A few days later my mom comes home from a dr. Appointment and tells us she is diabetic now. 
Turns out the past few times shes gone to the dr. They had warned her.I HAD NO IDEA. I know what's done is done and now there is only one thing to do.Continue and help her out. 

BUT! I'm a little upset at myself because I ask how the dr appointments go. I ask her about her aches and pains. All I want is to help and see what we've got to do to fix it. But the responses are usually short and not to detailed. Just a little hurt that she felt she needed to keep it all to herself. 

Her attitude towards the news is keeping me optimistic. Hopefully this can bring a new way of eating in our entire house. Now that it's not just me trying to be health conscious.  Well see. My family is very supportive but my dad insists he needs cookies ( Oreos) in the house.  Oy! 

We've been looking up new foods. Her diet will pretty much change drastically.. For the better. It was always hard to get my mom to try new foods, so I'm hoping health in general will be the push she needs. I'm glad to look up recipes and exercises we can do together. Probably pool workouts because her knees are bothering her? Hmm 

My weigh in is tomorrow! 
Hope everyone had a great week :) 


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