Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New breakfast idea!

NOT THE BEST PICTURE.... but it's good, I promise!
Well at least for me , it's new! 
I've started making a tasty new side for my eggs. It would be great as a side for dinner or a snack in the afternoon. 

Here's what the recipe calls for:

Chickpeas ( I used one can)
Spinach ( I didn't measure since I love spinach anyways and am making a large batch for my family) but I'd say to keep the amount of spinach a little less than the amount of chickpeas . 
Diced tomato ( half a can)
Garlic (a couple cloves , minced )* I love garlic but sometimes it's too much in the mornings. I didn't add garlic the last few times I've made this.
& finally a tiny bit of cheese, we had a bag of shredded mixed cheese at home...  So I used a bit of that. 

All of these ingredients get heated in a pan. 
I start off with the spinach 1st if its frozen,  if the spinach is fresh add chickpeas and let the chickpeas heat up in the pan for a bit. ( medium heat)
After the chickpeas are heated add spinach ( if not already), diced tomato,  optional* garlic  and then finally some cheese! I let it sit on low for a while... 

This makes a good amount and  pretty filling!  I used most of my ingredients from cans and frozen veggies . I'm sure it's great all fresh as well!

Here's to another phone entry! I wrote something totally different the other day. But of course it wasn't saved correctly! My bad! I remember what I wrote though.. So it'll be saved for another time. 

I'm going to the gym in about an hour. :) 
Hope everyone is having a great week. 

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  1. That looks good! I think I would have to mix the eggs together with the spinach/chickpeas. Hmmmm...the possibilities.


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