Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weigh-in update! :D Believe-Worthy-Capable & Healthy

What a  great meeting this past week!

Current: 264.8 lbs
This week: -3.4 lbs
Total Loss: 55.2 lbs
Starting: 320 lbs

Since Yom Kippur and my Saturday meeting times didn't mix I went to the meeting on Thursday. I'm not sure I had ever gone at that time..but wow. The ladies and leader on Thursdays at 12 were amazing. The leader Jodie had this way about her that was so positive and fun. She took time to actually make little gift like things to hand out during the meeting. This last weekly had the theme of "believe", kick starting  this lifestyle change with a  good attitude!
She made everyone bracelets that had different words that also carried a theme through the weekly handouts:
Believe   Worthy   Capable   &   Healthy 
I wanted the believe bracelet (because it was pink! & also) because although all of these words are great to describe important changes that have started to come about since the beginning of this journey.. BELIEVE was the one that started everything.
At one point I used to believe I was stuck. Even purchasing  a size 4x size T-shirt (when I was still 3x) in belief i'd be needing it soon. I hadn't thought twice about why I bought it till I started my journey and realized I was feeling that hopeless.
I started believing in myself when I started to see changes in my progress and saw success with myself. Going to meetings and having support with people who are striving for the same goals has helped me believe in myself.

Hope everyone is having a great week


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